February 12, 2007

Rising Daughter Joins the World Party

Well, as you can tell from the title of the blog, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl on Saturday, January 6, 2007. We decided to name her Elena Margaret. In a future post I will tackle the drawn-out naming process. It's double the fun in a bicultural marriage.

Anyway, I'm still catching up with things since the birth of our daughter. I did manage to crank out a birth announcement email to co-workers, family and friends. It's now been a month since she was born and we have a few hundred photos to share with you. Kidding. But I am enamored of the various facial expressions that our daughter has already shared with us. For an infant, she has an amazing ability to connote complex, adult emotions. See the following photos posted below to figure out which photo corresponds to the right emotion:
Exhaustion / Apathy / Ennui / Anger / Linda Blair Impression / Indignation / Cuteness / Unbelievable Cuteness / Contentment / Curiosity

Until next time...


Naomi Weber said...

Hi! We enjoyed your lovely daughter's pictures!! I can't wait to see the real one! I visited hospital to see her but I could only see her through the window.
I'm expecting the third baby around the end of April. Hope to see you and your baby before then. From your friends in Hiroshima!

J Willis said...

Chris -

Still no pictures of you and baby together. Wife won't let you hold her, eh? Don't blame her - given how cute this kid is she is a wise, wise woman!

William (now age 21 mos) says "Hubba Hubba". At least I think that's what he said. Could have been something else. Terrible Twos are kicking in but will assume his real intent wouldn't violate your "no four letter words" directive.

I'm off to Kingston (on bidness) in a few days. Will raise a plate of Bubba's Poutine in Elena's honour.

Love ya lots!


Anonymous said...

Hello Christophe!

This is a great way to keep in touch. Keep it up! You could write awesome thought bubbles for Elena's pics -- especially the one on the right, third one down. She's thinking "Oh for Pete's sake..." what were you saying to her at the time?

Are you deliberately staying out of the pix because you've gone 'sleep & hygiene optional' and developed a Father Christmas beard and only change your undergarments on a bi-weekly basis? Tell us all the gory details of being a new daddy.

My love to you, Naomi and Elena,