June 18, 2007

Rock and Roll

At 5.5 months old, my daughter is as nimble as Iggy Pop. She jumps up, squirms with abandon whenever we put her in a horizontal position, stamps her feet (albeit with support from yours truly) and twists her body in rapid motions with evident glee. She has amazing levels of energy and memorable facial expressions. She works the crowd with an innate Vaudevillian streak that clearly comes from her mother, not me. (ahem)

Lady E. babbles a lot these days—“eeee ah ooooh.” yeeeeah!

And then screams at 10 decibels.
Just like Iggy Pop.

She drools without shame.
(Maybe) Just like Iggy Pop.

She likes being The Passenger…in our car and viewing new places with rapt fascination.

She puts unbelievable amounts of energy into everything she does.
Just like Iggy Pop.

But she doesn’t do stage dives. At least, not yet, because we keep a careful eye on her when we’re changing diapers.

In short, Lady E. is healthy, happy, highly entertaining and developing rapidly. She is the light of our lives :)

Lust for life--both of 'em!

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