October 31, 2007

“Pumpkinhead” & A Trip to the Zoo

It’s Halloween tonight and Elena celebrated not with a costume -- she is still too young for that -- but with some pumpkin-colored food that Naomi prepared and delivered with a smile. As you can see, Lady E. seems to enjoying it.
She also had her first real haircut this week, and now boasts a Joan of Arc coiffure. Ooh la la. Lately, we have taken to calling her Pumpkinhead as a nickname for one reason or another.

Last week we took Elena on her first trip to the zoo with some friends. Blue skies, a crisp wind that complemented the bright sunshine just so—perfect conditions for the inaugural visit, featuring the kids’ petting zoo. Naomi seemed to enjoy it more than Lady E. (see photo), who occasionally burst into adorable tears at the sight of new animals. Then she slept for the latter half of the day. The adults had plenty of fun, too.

That’s all for now. I am trying to figure out how to embed some video into the blogsite. If I succeed, I will post some live action video for Lady E.’s legion of fans. Stay tuned.

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