January 18, 2008

Year One: A Look Back

First year in the life.
Nothing original in this post, just a few extra poses for the millions of fans clamoring for more...More...MORE photos of the delightful Lady E.

January: ejected into the world..Tiny little nose; Dad with huge head.

February: sleeping the afternoons away. Bliss for all.

March: Starting to feel the existential sting of life?

April: ooohhh yeah. Must...sleep...after....feeding.

May: another harebrained photo op gone awry.

June: just plain cute.

July: showing that innate media savvy. "And you are...?"

August: escaping the heat in a local electronics mega store. (Note bare feet.)

September: nightly calisthenics prior to hittin' the futon and callin' it a day.

October: my personal favorite for the year.

November: "Hey! You looking at me? I said, You...lookin'...at...me?!"

December: Two babes surrounded by autumn colors.

Oji-chan & Oba-chan help celebrate Elena's 1st birthday with us.

- Fin -

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