January 24, 2009

Year Two: The Elena Supremacy

Lady E. celebrated her second birthday a couple weeks ago. Naomi and I put on a small shindig to mark the occasion. It was just the three of us, but it was truly a fun little party.

Times are tough, though, and few people have the luxury of frivolity and games, especially two-year olds who should be seriously considering their future.

On the event of her second full year with us, Elena has graduated from the training phase and now has to be able to justify her position within this organization. We love her, of course, but in this kind of economy, everyone has to pull his or her own weight and work more efficiently. Innovation, baby! Thus...

Here is Elena’s performance appraisal for year two of her career to date.
Attitude: A on good days; F on bad days
Judgment: B
Control of bowels: C
Articulation of ideas: A (when screaming: F)
Decisiveness: B+
Learning ability: A+
Temper: D-
Eating skills: C (Indecision in this area needs work.)
Farting: A+
Teamwork/social skills: B
Motor skills development: A
Overall character and lovability: A++

On a more fact-based note, once again I’d like to recap the prior year with a few photos and wisenheimer remarks.

January: actually at Miyajima in Dec 2008….because we didn’t have a good photo for January.

February: Still cold, but the Rising Daughter’s cuteness kept us happy and warm.
March: Still in the driver’s seat and working on mastering her plastic cutlery.
April:…in another driver’s seat at a kiddie arcade. (Weather warmer…free at last!).
May: Naomi and Elena coming down the chute at the Aquas Aquarium playground.
June: At the Miyajima Aquarium one last time before it closed for renovations.
July: A new fan in Uncle André (above) and Grandpa (below). Both photos from our visit to Ottawa.
August: At the Mazda Museum’s concept car exhibition.
September: Driving the car…it’s the other guy’s fault.
October: One last visit to the Tivoli Park in Okayama before it closed down. It was hilarious.
October: Swimming lessons…and not terribly happy about it right now.
November: Getting colder, but we still hit the park whenever we could.
December: Christmas Day. Everything in Japan is just a bit smaller than in Canada.

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