March 3, 2009

The Learning Begins

It’s March third, Girl’s Day in Japan, and also the day after our Rising Daughter began attending preschool activities at a local kindergarten. Meet the newest proto-scholar in Hiroshima:
She’s modeling the latest in mandatory fashion from one of the hottest under-six educational hotspots in the city! Confident in her simple schoolhouse chic, Lady E. is resplendent in this gray/black ensemble masterpiece of efficiency and – yes – elegance. The dress and white shirt entrée is topped off by the finest of head accessories. It’s clear Mme. Elena will soon be the eye of the hurricane in kindergarten style.

This reporter caught up with the proud parents of this burgeoning fashionista and asked them a few questions to capture how they felt at the onset of their daughter’s schooling.

Q: Obvious question, folks, but how do you feel now that your daughter has started pre-school?
A1: (Mom) Proud, happy, a little wistful. But she’s only going for a few hours every day. She hasn’t gotten engaged or found her own apartment yet.
A2: (Dad) She don’t need none of that fancy book lernin’. She should just get a job.

Q: What’s your daughter’s first educational goal?
A: (In unison) Kidney and bowel control!!

Q: How’s she fitting in with the other kids?
A: Very well. She’s already extorting money from the other tots while they are doing sing-a-longs. And we get our 10% cut. In general, though, we’re told she is pretty well behaved and not bawling too much.

Q: Where do you see her schooling take her into the future?
A: (Mom) Prime Minister of Japan or Canada.
A: (Dad) Ditto on that. Or both? Microsoft shareholder, definitely.

Q: Last question….Young Miss Lady E, how about a few words for your adoring fans around the globe…?
A: (Elena) Mo-mmey! Fu-wa, fu-wa. Ne-ne ikou? Daddy hen-na no. Blue, red, orange.
(Translation: Mother, I need my fluffy comfort blanket. Let’s take a nap? Daddy is strange. Blue, red, orange.)

Back to you in New York, Dan.

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