February 26, 2010

Elena Van Gogh

Every parent seems to think their kid’s artwork is amazingly cute, one of the first signals of your rugrat’s budding self-expression. I’m aware that showing off your kid’s doodles like they belong in the Louvre is one of the cardinal sins of parenting. It either provokes polite indifference from friends and co-workers, or outright ridicule. I mean, let’s be honest, does anyone but you really care? (OK, grandparents count.)

Yet, here I am, custodian of this family’s digital fridge.
What follows is Elena’s recent renderings of her parents--are we whack jobs in her eyes or what?
Here is Elena’s view of pregnant Mommy…

And her view of Daddy’s grim mug after a particularly bad day at work.

Want to see a contrarian and really hilarious view about this? Take the time to jump to the “I am better than your kids" post: it is worth it.

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Ms. Faux Pas said...

i see I have some competition! Nice work Chris, great Blog!