December 14, 2010

Channeling my Inner Morrison

Jim Morrison was posthumously pardoned last week by the Governor of Florida for his convictions on having exposed himself to the crowd and profanity at a Doors’ concert in Miami in March 1969.

Photo credit: some guy on Wikipedia

Why a gubernatorial pardon now? Beats me. I have read that Gov. Charlie Christ is a fellow Doors fan and since he is leaving office, it might be construed as a parting shot of 1960s happiness from a baby boomer leaving the national stage. Anyway, this is a funny societal turn given all the problems in the world.

What’s the connection to the Rising Daughters blog, you may ask? At my company’s Christmas/new year’s party I once again had the opportunity to get up on stage and belt out a few oldies with our division’s band, called the SKY-B Band. I enthusiastically -- if not all that successfully -- did a cover version of Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” and sang backup on a few other classics. But it was effectively a tribute to my inner Morrison, admittedly the cherubic version circa 1970.
Break on through!

The Lizard King in court, September 1970 (Photo credit: Miami Herald)

The office king on stage, December 2010. (Photo credit: my co-worker, HK-san)
Please note I planned on wearing the beard and hair before I heard about the official pardon. It was just very karmic timing, man.

Similarly, I think that if they allow Shoeless Joe Jackson into the Baseball Hall of Fame, I may hit a home run if there is a company softball tournament this year!

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