January 6, 2011

The Power of Four

The Rising Family is comprised of four people. We’re not a political faction attempting to seize control of Chinese politics, nor a fictional superhero team with superpowers gained by exposure to cosmic rays, nor the symbolic manifestation of the classical Greek elements (fire, air, water, earth).

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Nope. Negative on that—we’re just an average family with a nice symmetry in that four is an even number that can be divided evenly into two groups of two. In our case that means one pair of parents and one pair of daughters.

One of those daughters celebrated her fourth birthday yesterday.

This is why the number four is on my mind. I consider the four wheels of cars or trucks as the best representation of my family: without any one member, it is hard to imagine us moving forward. Living with this crew is a crazy ride, about 99 percent fun with one percent challenge thrown in to make things really interesting.

To my oldest daughter, the fabulous Lady E., I wish you a most wonderful birthday as you are far and away the pride and joy of my life. May good fortune and happiness be with you all year, and the birthdays to come be memorable mileposts of your amazing life journey.

Finally – I just can’t help myself – here are a few deep thoughts on the number four by Samuel Beckett.

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Anonymous said...

All due respect to Four, but we all know that Three is the magic number--Thank you DeLaSoul and Sesame Street!