June 26, 2011

Steve-O: I, Graduate

What words can be used to salute a talented young man, recently convocated from university and setting out into the uncharted waters of the future, which go beyond the heartfelt-but-clichéd chestnuts of “you did it,” “the future looks bright,” and a quote from Robert Frost?
- You can say congratulations, and mean it.
- You can say they cram information into younger folks these days, but you have always had your own unique wisdom and adult dignity.
- You can say the parchment isn’t half as important as the knowledge you got from the truly great books, friends, experiences, and the invaluable self-discovery of those four years. Those you will have for the rest of your life.

This is my shaggy-dog version of a sincere “attaboy” to my younger brother. One of the crappy trade offs of living overseas is that you frequently cannot be on hand when members of your family back home experience one of life’s important milestones. All I can do from here is write about how proud and happy I am –  as is our entire family – of his latest achievement.

Now, I can’t go this far in buttering Steve-o’s muffin without also invoking the other family characteristic that accompanies praise—a dash o’ smartass to keep it real. So, wipe that cheese-eatin’ grin off your face, and no more power naps, because you're in The Show now.

All the best, my brother, in everything you set your heart on doing in life.

The Hammer in Yokohama

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