August 29, 2011

The Summer Metamorphosis

I am the bug formerly known as the author of this blog. In the first week of August, the relentless heat caused my skin to become dry and scaly. I woke up one morning from uneasy dreams, my vision slightly blurred and distorted, and soon found myself outside, chirping, hanging about on branches, and avoiding the sun. I had been transformed into a gigantic insect with a gin & tonic in my feeler.

This change has caused some consternation within the Rising Family, but so far, so good—we’re still as busy with family fun as ever. My new tentacles make it hard to type, though, explaining in part why this month's post is so late.

So what have we been doing this past month? The usual…

- Spending hours and hours in the holodeck, sedated by the limits of the imagination.

- Communicating with the dolphins and taunting them with food.

- Being duped by some of dumbest birds on the planet

-And cooling off bug-daddy in the sizzling heat.

I think I was the first ever man-sized pest to view a Japanese professional baseball game
..and drive a Tesla Roadster!

- Here you see me perched on the human host's shoulder, enjoying a light read.

Ah, the bug days of summer! Since I have only a few weeks to live, I tell ya, I’ve been enjoying the time off from the office.

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