October 30, 2012

Summer’s Really Over: Punchin’, Scratchin’, Screamin’

“Now I’ve got you, ya slow little bitch,” I cackled as my scooter passed the other sad sack middle-aged driver on his commute home from the train station. I thought: I am racing another working stiff from my neighborhood on a 50cc scooter for no other reason except than I am really bored. Oh man, that’s so sad.

Not sad in the sense of “unhappy or miserable.” More like, “hapless or pathetic.”
This little Friday night fever episode aside, last weekend we had a balmy 25ºC (that’s 77ºF) two days, and then the bottom fell out.  I realized that with baseball season nearly over, I had to accept the fact that summer truly had come to an end.

So, in celebration of the summer of 2012 and all the good stuff that happened to the Rising Family, I have put together a parody of the classic 1979 Journey hit, “Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'” from the Evolution  album. This is about the Rising Daughters, and the sibling chaos we endured over the summer.

Punchin’, Scratchin’, Screamin’
You make me scream, and I want ya to die
When you touch my toys
Punchin’, Scratchin’, Screamin' at each other

(Elena) I'm never alone, not by myself
You're always, always so close..it’s hell
Little sister, go away, and let me play

You're buggin’ me so hard, every every day
You're annoying me, you little turd
Oh what can I say
You're buggin’ me so hard

(Marina) It won't be long yes, 'til you're at school
Then it’s just me and Mom, ‘cause I’m still only two!
And you’re at school, now who’s the fool?
(Elena) Sis, you’re buggin’ me so hard,
Oh every every day
(Marina) I think I’m gonna fart
To make you go away.
‘Cuz I dig Elmo, SpongeBob he’s not.
 Now it's your turn, girl, to cry
 Na na na na na na


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