February 23, 2013

Year In, Year Out

Already, 15 percent of 2013 is over and I still have yet to provide a visual recap of 2012.
So here it is....

January: another shot of the New Year celebrations held in Yokohama's Chinatown. We try and visit at least once a year.

February: it's not that cold in February, but the combination of a warm winter jacket and the thrum of the stroller wheels against the pavement tends to lead to...zzz..zzzz

March: getting warmer, we walk about. We Are The Classiest Family In This City.

April: a new school year for Lady E., below, resplendent in her school uniform. Now that she is a senior, not taking any s**t from the younger kids in the lesser classes.

May: Elena preps for the summer beach season with some mini-commando training at a local obstacle course.

June:  not yet rainy season nor squelching hot, so we went camping in the shadow of Mt. Fuji (in the background). Surprisingly, the girls enjoyed it. It was Marina's camping debut.

July: Marina's first haircut beyond Naomi's lovingly-offered "bowl-ish style cut(s)." Marina took the whole thing in stride, which was quite different from Elena's reaction the first time she went to the hair salon.

August: so busy going to the beach, camping and also visiting Canada, Marina completely lost it upon her return to normal life. The proof:

September: is still very warm in Yokohama, and we are still finding new places to play. This one features a 50-foot Godzilla which guards the kid's playground. Only in Japan...

October: cool enough at this time to have the oldest Rising Daughter's school Sports Day. These highly-choreographed, highly entertaining and voraciously videotaped spectacles would, at times, make Leni Riefenstahl blush.

November: I got nuttin' for November. So here's one I simply enjoy.

December: on December 16, voters in Japan gave the Liberal Democratic Party a landslide victory and a return to power. But once again I was shunned as a candidate for office. (Look carefully below.) Why don't voters here respond to my campaign plank, which, with one magic swig, would cure all that ails them? My plank ain't plonk, I'm tellin' ya.

Now, let's get down to the business of 2013!

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