March 31, 2013

The Grinch Who is Hostile to Hanami

Watching petals fall from blooming cherry trees
is what in Japan they call Ha-na-mi
In practice this means drink lots, feast, and appear to think deep thoughts
perched under a tree on a blue plastic sheet
…to fill spring’s start with glee.

‘Tis that season once again—
spring’s blossoms that signify a fresh start and hope
But out there are contrarians; do they covet tumbling cherry blossoms…nope!

Yet many in ‘ol Nippon they like hanami a lot
and it takes more than liquid courage to say you do not.

But who really gives a hoot about a bunch of pink blossoms on trees?
That fall to ground, that’s it, what does it all mean?

A metaphor for the fleeting nature of life…not so much
thought the Grinch hostile to hanami
(but said with a gentle, contrite, soft spoken touch.)
“Cherry and plum trees, their blossoms do scatter,
but come on, in the end, what does it all really matter?”

Courtesy of the WSJ

The Grinch who is hostile to hanami
could there be a person who does not like this season!
Please don't ask why he is so hostile to it
I do not know the reason.

Some think the most likely reason of all
may have been that his heart was broken under hanami’s thrall.

Some think that the hanami feasts that occur under the trees
--these parties with friends, co-workers and families--
are not to his liking, no, not to his taste.
And perhaps he thinks this time spent is a waste.

Still others feel that his mind is too shallow
to embrace the depth of ephemeral beauty found in falling petals
Mayhap that’s it! He is simply too callow!

But, whatever the reason, his head or his heart,
that Grinch, he is steadfast, in the disdain he feels for hanami
when the fun and the frolicking force him to depart.

Yet the time is upon us, so please nobody sneer
for hanami time is practically here.
I know the answer: someone hand the Grinch a beer.

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