May 10, 2014

Canada Nana’s Sunset

I have lost someone I love, the person who gifted me with life and many other blessings—my mom. Affectionately known to the Rising Daughters as “Canada Nana”, my mom passed away last month. Gail was one reason why I began writing this blog—to help bridge the great physical distance between us and add some color to our Skype calls. She made occasional appearances in these posts and inspired me to keep going because I know she enjoyed most of what I have churned out. It is fitting that I offer a tribute to this terrific mother, grandmother, and human being one last time on Mother’s Day.

To be concise: I loved my mom. She was a wonderful and caring person. The girls only had a few years to learn from her wacky worldview and tap her zest for life. We will all miss her very much. One never gets over a loss of this depth, only copes with it. But, as she would say, life goes on—live it. So this post is not a rehash of her life or eulogy. I simply want to honor her, say how lucky we were to have had her in our lives, and wish her eternal sunshine.

With that, a view of her fridge door (always a good window into someone’s soul):

How she valued her family more than herself:

Her fervid joy in life:

And how one of her prized gardens personifies her loss.

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