March 30, 2016

Elena’s world at nine (2)

Part two: things
What’s your average day like? Share some of your secrets!
I get up, usually in a foul mood. Just not a morning person. When we’re eating breakfast my friend F.-san calls up to three times about something or other. We walk to school, do a little exploring if the weather’s nice. My first and second period classes drive me crazy, but I recover a bit when we sometimes head outside to tend our class’s little vegetable garden. I’m usually home by mid-afternoon, craving and demanding a sugary snack. Then I hang with little sis and alternately terrorize or help mom. 

Who are you wearing these days?
Oh man I have these uber-funky jeans with vivid peacock stitching running down the leg; these jeans draw a few views from the competition on the playground. Mom and Dad have to convince me to try new clothes, and occasionally I indulge them on that. I’m very fond of this black long sleeve shirt with “Pretty Stars” embossed on it that flatters my hair color. And I got these fabulous Roller Shoes for Christmas; basically, athletic shoes with a small roller embedded in the shoes’ rubber soles that enables me to slide on pavement or down hills. Love that technology! Plus they are black and hot pink. Solid fashion, I think.
What’s your favorite food? You’re quite thin—any diet tips for our readers?
No brainer: fox udon soup, known as kitsune udon. No, it’s not made with fox meat, that’s just what it’s called. And “stinky senbei”, the salty rice cracker treat that smells like farts but tastes great. And I adore those fake teeth gummies that Grampa sends to us from the Loblaws Bulk Barn because he knows M. and I love them and cannot get them here in Japan.

What’s on your reading list lately?
I do like reading at night before we go to bed. These days, Magic Tree House is super-cool. I read it in Japanese and my Chinese character reading skills are coming along nicely, thank you very much. For English, we all like the SpongeBob Squarepants books. And the Disney storybook and songs compilation we got from Grampa. I know the plots of the Disney stuff Inside-Out. Get it?
And I am becoming interested in music. Like my Mom, I am more partial to the English music than Japanese pop, probably because that’s all we hear. I like Carly Ray Jepson’s work, and of course Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”, most stuff by Taylor Swift. I am oddly fascinated by one of Dad’s songs that I heard—Carole King’s “It’s Too Late.” He said I would understand the lyrics someday, so just enjoy the words for now.

Have a joke for us?
Nothing specific. In general, though, we laugh a lot, even when Marina and I are alone. For example, I will ask something to Marina, she replies with something nonsensical or silly, and I will stare at her, then blurt out “BWAAA Haaaa Haaaa HA!
We usually both burst out laughing. It’s very cutesy-girly but damn it’s funny.
That’s it.


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