May 30, 2016


On day #4, I wanted to visit Cape Muroto with Dad before our flight back to the urban jungle. Muroto is an austere windswept point on the southeast tip of Shikoku that I have visited during various motorcycle trips in the past. 

I thought it appropriate that we go because it is a) visually stimulating, and the sea air is invigorating and b) there is a giant white statue of Kukai staring out to sea.

Huge Kobo Daishi statue at Cape Muroto
He sports a stoic expression—sheer white contrasted against the green backdrop of the mountainside. But it’s almost 100kms from Tokushima so we needed to rent a car to do it. I was so disheartened that we didn’t have the time to walk the trail along the coastline all the way there—NOT.
The journey to Cape Muroto struck the right note as a way to cap our temple trek—plus we could ride, not walk. Sold!
Back in Yokohama...
The Rising Granddaughters’ last visit to Canada to see Grampa was in the summer of 2014. We can usually only go during the summer holidays. This time he decided to come visit us, woo-hoo. Once back in Yokohama he spent most of the time with Naomi and the girls because the rugrats were off school for the spring holidays. While I was nursing my sore feet at the office, Grampa had some fun times with the family and did a cherry blossom outing to Yokohama’s Sankeien Garden.

Some photos as a marker of the visit follow.

Spelunking at a local park

Ferris wheel view of Yokohama harbor
Sipping suds & trash talk with J.K. at Yebisu Beer Station (love that name!) to cap a wonderful stay.

Thanks for visiting, Dad!


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