September 30, 2016

Rising Family® relocates

Rising Family® relocates operations to Gurgaon, India

GURGAON, India (Sept. 30, 2016)—The Rising Family® has relocated to Gurgaon, India, to seek new sources of creativity and innovations in family development. The Family’s CEO, Chris X, held an impromptu press conference to provide background information about the surprise and sudden relocation to one of India’s fastest-growing cities. Gurgaon is located 32 kms (20 miles) southwest of New Delhi.

“It was time a change, simple as that,” said the usually loquacious, silver-maned devil. 
I so love this ad for hot noodles. Encapsulates how I feel these days
The move was effective late August but due to the moving logistics, hyper-fast vacations, expected settling-in-pains, and a three-week stay at a local hotel before taking possession of their apartment, regular communications with stakeholders proved difficult. 
Three dudes on one bike. Love it!

Said the Family’s juvenile members, Lady E. and sibling, ‘M.X.’: “Hey, we’re still totally lost with the local language, but hip to the scene. Everyone is extraordinarily nice to us. Ain’t digging the spicy food yet, though.” Both girls are getting used to their new school and surroundings with only a few tears (at first) and with growing confidence and verve. 
Thums up, indeed.

Naomi X, Chief Operating Officer of the Rising Family, said the new city offered new challenges in terms of logistics and finding Japanese rice. “We’ll get over the rice thing in time,” she said, commenting on the food situation. “But we’ll never stop commenting on how the cute the cows on the road are, or the wild dogs and monkeys that patrol the city with impunity. Awesome!”
Gurgaon: India's fastest-growing city, slowest moving mega-traffic. Photo courtesy of
About the Rising Family
The Rising Family® is a Canada-Japan joint venture established in Hiroshima, Japan, in 2007. With the addition of newly-created subsidiary M.X. in 2010, the company moved operations to Yokohama in 2011. Rising Family® is a service provider of sorts with core operations currently located in our apartment. Now with four members, sleep deprivation may prevent quick email turnaround but any private correspondence is always welcome. You know where we are. Email remains unchanged.


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Michael said...

Dear Chris X.
Nice to see a new set of "Oh, look at my strange and wonderful new home"- type pictures.
I am jealous of your new dose of Dali-insprired waking dreams that come from getting used to a new and colourful culture. Namaste!!

By the way, thanks to your departure, the CARP now won the pennant, so for all fish-heads out there, can you stay next year, too??