December 17, 2016

Lady E. is an athlete

It’s all about equal air time, folks. Like most children, the Rising Daughters™ are sensitive to getting an equal share of…EVERYTHING. Their view of natural justice is made clear to me nearly every day. No parental favoritism here--hence this column.
Lady E. recently came home from school sporting a gold medal from a sprint competition that she won. In prior posts I have regaled you with tales of her running ability at school sports days. She has continued to excel  in her running exploits here in Gurgaon.

At an athletic meet involving three local international schools, Elena took first place in the sprint event. Naturally we are proud of her that she won. Honestly, though, it is more important to us that she was smiling about it. Why? One thing I didn’t fully consider before moving here was the beating her self-esteem would take due to the new environment and the normal challenges associated with living in a new place—language, making friends, new culture, school, and living space e.g. her own room.
That she derives some pleasure from competing and gains back some confidence is a good thing. Win a race, gain a smile=happy day. That’s why we’re glad that Elena is a sprint champion.

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