January 19, 2017

2016 Lookback in pictures

In January every year I tend to do a lookback at the prior year with new pictures not used in the blog. 2016 was a big year for the Rising Family™ and I would be remiss in not depicting such a momentous year in pics, no?
The first day of January, we went to Tokyo Tower to begin the new year with a view from the heart of the city. It’s about time we visited this famous landmark—we’ve been here nearly five years!

It gets fairly cold in February. Very occasionally there is snow. Even less frequently we go skating. The experience injects a little bit of Canuck into the kids—the rink even has a Zamboni! And crowds, of course…

I’ve told the tale of my Dad and me starting the 88 temple pilgrimage in mid-March. This shot captures the spirit of adventure of my dad!

By this time we are sick of the cold and escape for the warm waters of the Hawaiians hot springs in Iwaki-ken.

April ushers in spring and hanami (cherry blossom viewing). The cherry tree blossoms are as beautiful as my wife (vice-versa?). And the evening light-up at HanamiIlumination was simply amazing.

Marina started a new year at school...

and took no prisoners at the sumo competition.

 Elena had her school sports day in May.

We also went to Disneyland to celebrate Marina’s birthday.

In June, camping season starts!

And that camping weekend at Mother Bokujo farm was when we broke the news to the kids we would be moving…

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