August 31, 2017

DLR for Prez in 2020

As August ends, I regret that I didn’t feel a “silly season,” as Allan Fotheringham puts it, a month when no one notices anything the government does because they are too busy fiddling with their BBQ and basking in the summer warmth. I grew up reading Dr. Foth in Maclean’s magazine, and his American compadre,  P.J. O’Rourke in Rolling Stone. I was thus schooled to value a wry irreverence concerning pols. This is a good thing because it keeps them human and us entertained.
Consider the vitriol and narrow-heartedness that has taken over a good swath of the world. And North Korean missiles flung hither and yon. I was daydreaming the other day and imagined what it would be like if David Lee Roth ran for president in 2020. Alas, it is not an original idea; it seems the prospect of President Dave was vetted in 2016, but not acted on. 
The flamboyant former Van Halen frontman can certainly turn a phrase and work a room. 
Beyond the rock star antics, there has always been humor and intelligence (all with a knowing wink) evident in his media persona. 

Makes you ponder what President Roth's political philosophy might be:

National economic policy
“Everybody wants some / I want some too / Everybody wants some / Baby, how 'bout you?”

“I live my life like there's no tomorrow / And all I've got, I had to steal /…runnin’ with the devil”

Foreign policy
Panama! Panama (waaaooo)

Domestic policy
California girls (his 1980s remake)
“I been all around this great big world / And I seen all kinds of girls / Yeah, but I couldn't wait to get back in the states / Back to the cutest girls in the world”

So, America, with love, vote David Lee Roth for President in 2020, and laugh a little more, willya?

Meanwhile, back at home…
Elena’s “baby politician” pose photo still cracks me up whenever I view it on the desktop.
 And perhaps Lady E. is showing a political bent in her latest snapshot…? Future ambitions? Time will tell. In one of her classes at school the students reflected on what they would do if they were made the Prime Minister for a day—what changes they want to make in their country? 
Fewer missiles, please. And David Lee Roth for president. The world would be a wackier, better place.

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