December 25, 2017

Nick of Time

Season’s greetings from Tennessee
A merry Christmas to our friends and family. Oh yeah…hey family members, we’ve moved again! The Rising Family™ is now living in the Nashville area. In the age of near-instantaneous communication technology, I hereby announce we’ve moved back to North America through this blog. Yeesh. Needless to say, an email or a call from us to you is long overdue.
That doesn’t diminish the Yuletide spirit, though. Today, we indulged in a truly down home Christmas. Our sea shipment of household belongings from India arrived here on Dec. 23, just in the Nick of Time – ho ho ho--  so that we could erect our Christmas tree and adorn the house with green and red cheer. 

So Lady E. and M. opened their presents, we had a nice fire and a Skype chat with Dad and Steve-o, and I made my first-ever turkey dinner for the family. Thus, I declare our first Christmas here in the USA an overwhelming success.
Our house, peppered with moving red and green dots, is the lazy dad's way of lighting up the place without hours of stringing LED lights. Technology liberates!

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