March 31, 2018

Weekend in New York

The cosmic tumblers fell into place when I noticed The Rising Family would be touring around Manhattan while the Toronto Blue Jays' hosted its season opener series was against my love-to-hate NY Yankees. 

Few things rival the delight I feel when the MLB season opens. One of them is travel. And yet we have our own double-header of fun going into this last weekend in March. 
Munenori Kawasaki, expounding on baseball with his unique verbal style, back in 2015
On a random note, one of my favorite Blue Jays players, Munenori Kawasaki, will probably retire this week from professional baseball. He had so much enthusiasm for the game and exuded cheer—the best qualities that adults should display when playing what is, after all, a kids' game. Kawasaki is a true ambassador of the game!
After a work event in New York City ended, Naomi and the girls joined me for a few days of exploring the Big Apple. While this is very much a PG-rated tour, we are hitting the sights and enjoying another side of America.

Here's a taste of Day 1 of our tour.
Empire State building from the outside
The view toward downtown and the Freedom Tower on the right

SpongeBob on Broadway: will we or won't we partake?

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