July 29, 2007

A few words from our sponsor

Some feedback from a reader of the blog has noted the lack of photos of yours truly. Well, it’s not because I am shy, as anyone who reads this blog knows very well! It’s simply that someone has to take the photos, hence the lack of mugshots of me. Plus, the star of the show is Lady E., not her decrepit old papa.
However, my 38th birthday was in late July, and just today a good friend of mine (who will be named --MMP) gave me a photo from exactly ten years ago. Here it is:
Title: “Jack Lord Hair & drunk as a monkey in Thailand or Laos…not sure which—1997”
I decided to post a current photo to compare how I have weathered the past ten years living in Japan. Hmm.
“Title: Food for Thought.”

Dual Citizenship: The Paperwork Trail
How do we get dual citizenship for our little girl? It’s a mountain of paperwork, a labor of love, and a slew of expletives all rolled into a month-long cavalcade of translation and finger-crossing. But, at the end of it all, last week we received Lady E’s passport from my country and, soon, we will receive one from the land of her birth. So we’ll soon have a dual citizen in our household. And that fact, my friends, is fantastic because we want to open up as many opportunities as possible for our little girl in the future. Two nationalities=double the fun, as far as I am concerned. Thanks to SDM for expediting the process for us in H-town.

I hope everyone reading this is having a wonderful summer of fun in the sun.


Anonymous said...

Well Chris, I can see that you are getting better looking all the time. Cheers from Embrun!

Anonymous said...

Hey wild man,
I remember that ride back from FUK.
No Mr. Resposibility then, drunk by 11am!! Oh well its 5 o'clock somewhere.
I admire your dedication to your new family as evidenced by the time and thought put into this family album.