July 7, 2007

Lady E’s Limousine Part II: Zero Emissions Vehicle

Lady E. believes in 'being green'. As one of the youngest people currently inhabiting the planet, she believes in preserving the Earth's bounty for future generations. And she demands both style and functionality in her eco-friendly transportation, a.k.a. “Baby Car.” That's why we chose the Combi Do!Kids5 MMVII Edition as our little monarch's green limousine.

* 0-2 miles per hour in about 10 seconds.
* Unlimited mileage (*parental powertrain not included in list price)
* Zero percent CO2 emissions.
* Folding sunroof and safety belt as factory installed options.

All the other kids crave this limited edition sports appearance package (pictured above right) with tactile plastic feetbars featuring cute crinkly-sounding stuff and infant attention-grabbing, bright squeezy stuff. [Big white happy face thingy is a tuner aftermarket part.]

Lady E. demands the best for herself as well as for the planet. And that means eco-friendly transport for our earth-friendly little munchkin.

4x4 special edition only available in Japan for rice paddy offroading.

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