May 31, 2010

One Month In

I assumed that rearing another baby would be easier the second time around. I thought it would be less dramatic, and in many ways it is. But…we’re a wee bit tired. Que sera sera. However, I’m happy to write that after Marina’s first month checkup, she’s doing just fine, with all indicators in the healthy green zone. Or is it pink?

Although we heard many reassurances from other parents that the first month or two would be a blur, I am astonished at the numbing light speed of daily life. Dates/days have vanished from precise recall, except for the days where I have to lurch into the office. We’re lucky that the weather has turned into Hiroshima’s typically-idyllic warm spring, and I no longer squint like a vampire when I head out into the morning sunshine. The younger Rising Daughter is thriving, her older sister is survivin’. (More on this next post.)

I thought it would be fun to offer a comparison of the two sisters at about one week old. So have a look at the following quiz to see if you can figure out who is who.

Match the photo to the person/entity:

                       A                                   B                              C

                                   D                                     E

Answer key: A) Buddha B) Lady E at four days C) Despotic North Korean Leader D) Marina at four days E) Me if I don't start running again soon.

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