May 3, 2010

Stork Brings XXs: Another Rising Daughter!

We have great news! On April 30, we were blessed with the birth of a baby girl. With great joy and love we introduce our newborn rising daughter, Marina, a.k.a. ‘M’.*¹ She weighed in at a respectable 3-plus kilograms and was measured at a standard anklebiter length. Great hair, too.

She looks pretty good when you consider what she’s been through to get here.

After roughly 3.5 days out in the world, she has dazzled us with her eye blinking, adorable gurgling, and erratic tiny hand movements, all of which we find awe-inspiring and absolutely mesmerizing.

Lady E. is naturally curious about her new sibling and has taken on her new role with enthusiasm. So far.

I asked her to draw a picture of “M” (see below),
which not unsurprisingly bears a striking resemblance to one she drew of me. I guess you can say Marina takes after her father?
*¹ Naomi rejected my initial idea that we name her Neo after the lead character in The Matrix.

“From small beginnings come great things.”

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