September 29, 2010

M on M: My Life So Far

We caught up with Marina, also known as ‘M’, for an exclusive one-on-one interview a few days before she turned five months old. We wanted to ask how her life was unfolding; how her skin keeps that youthful glow; how she stays centered amid a busy schedule; and what it is like to hang with her famous older sister. At the interview M was wearing a variation on her usual uniform — snap-button shirt speckled with formula residue puke, stained white diaper — and her mannish short hair in disarray. She was radiant, and we love her more and more with each passing day.

What is your personal style?
I favor busy-looking bodysuits with easy snap-button closures for quick diaper changes. I like to mix new clothes — usually gifts — with items handed down from my older sister, the fabulous Lady E. Right now I’m really into a mix of different styles and periods, with a tendency toward the frumpy. It's easy to dress casually wherever I go. I don't want it any other way.

How is your social life?
Well, I am still single (laughs). Y’know, I’m sleeping a lot better these days, so I’ve been more attentive to my relationships with the people around me. I spend my time wailing for food, pooping, or just watching the world go by. No stress is the goal. People are fascinating.

How's infanthood treating you?
I have a very quiet, happy, simple life. I lay there most of the time, but I’ve been attempting to turn over. Recently, I’m totally into discovering the world of objects, developing my sense of space, form and texture. I’m into this whole life thing, big-time.

What’s it like working with your older sister.  Is she excited to have you around?
Frankly, there have been some personal space and attention issues. She wasn't overjoyed with my presence at first, but we are working on it together. With some time and compromises, we’ve found a middle ground where we can both get along.

You’re turning five months old. How does that make you feel?
Many tots of a certain age dread the idea of getting older. But I’m OK with it. I am proud of what I've accomplished and what I've done with my life so far. I feel empowered.

What is your favorite thing these days?
I can suck my toes.

Do you stay cool under pressure?
For the most part I think I'm okay under pressure. Sometimes the things that irk me are very trivial. I'll lose my cool because I can't grasp my teether, which is embarrassing and stupid. I mean, come on motor skills…

How do you stay looking so good?
I work out. I eat whatever I want, but nobody seems to attack me for gaining weight.

Cloth or Pampers?
Actually, I’m into this local diaper called ‘Merries’ at the moment. Light, nice cut, wrinkle-resistant: this brand hits all the right notes. When I’m traveling I’ll settle for Pampers in a pinch.

Anything about yourself you would change if you could?
I’m fine with my own body image because I reject society’s objectification of the female form. So, yeah, I’m a little political. Aside from that personal weltanschauung, I do have some drooling issues right now, but I’m told they go away with time.

On dieting:
I've gained about four kilos over the last four months, which, for a small person, is a lot. But I think it's not good to diet – so I just cry a lot and keep on sucking down the milk. Just find the perfect balance. Highlight what you consider the positive parts of your body and camouflage the parts you don't like.

Any thoughts on your career going forward?
I’m working on sitting upright right now. Eventually, though, I would like to direct.

Any words of wisdom for the other infants out there?
Babble to yourself and do not be ashamed of it. Talk to your toys, for they have the wisdom of the ages embedded in the plastic. Listen to William Shatner and Henry Rollins recording “I Can’t Get Behind That.” It will change your life.


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