October 13, 2010

Babysitting M: Harper’s Index

 Date on which I did my first solo babysitting of Marina: 10/10/2010

Hours spent alone together: 5

Number of M’s crying jags without mommy around: 2

Number of coos and smiles: 9

Number of minutes spent sleeping (Marina): 29

Number of minutes spent sleeping (me): 0

Incidents of vomiting on shoulder: 1

Number of poo-poos: 2

Versus average on a normal day at this time: +200%

Of these poo-poos, really runny, multicolored, truly stinky ka-ka: 1

Average time between poo-poo delivery, said poo-poo’s discovery by dad, and diaper change: 6.5 minutes

Total number of diaper changes (including pee-pee): 5

Feeling of relief when mommy arrived home: immeasurable.

Estimated number of months until the next time dad will babysit: 2

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