July 25, 2012

Traded to Oblivion

The NY Yankees have acquired 10-time all-star outfielder Ichiro Suzuki for…ah, who cares? I despise the Yankees. Yes, this is another rant against the Evil Empire…starring ICHIRO. The Seattle Mariners let him go, that I can understand. But why wear the pinstripes, Ichiro, for crying out loud? 

Courtesy of The New Yorker
Ichiro has been the rare Japanese guy that transcends the country’s overpowering culture of humility. I’ve asked my Japanese friends what they thought of him, and they’d say: “oh, he’s full of himself, don’t be duped.” I’d think—good for him. He was/is a terrific hitter and seemingly a class act, and I think the country could use a few more people like that who excel on the world stage rather than stay in the home islands safety zone. So in that sense, moving to a big market, big ambition team makes sense. But for chrissake, Ichiro, why not the Dodgers?

Yes                           NO NO NO

He had to go and ruin it all by joining the Bronx Bombers. First Hideki Matsui, now Ichiro. When will the madness end? Sayonara Suzuki. Buh-bye!

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