August 13, 2012

Rising Daughters are Hosers, too

Summer vacation this year was a trip to Canada to visit family. Lady E and Ms. M, growing up and being socialized primarily in Japan, are now in the Great White North(west). It’s a curious process to see them endure the long trip over the Pacific and then adapt to the new environment as they embrace their Canuck roots.

The Long Hop: Unlike our prior trip to visit with Lady E this time the 14 hours we spent airborne went easily—low expectations breed positive outcomes.
The girls slept a fair amount during the Pacific hop. The people sitting next to us were compassionately understanding of the situation. No screaming ensued; only 22 trips to the toilet.

Vancouver Airport: Disembarked the plane, and amazing First Nations art everywhere captures the eye as we entered the arrival gate and throughout the airport facilities; a very cool way to be welcomed home for me.

The girls were craning their necks at times to figure this new imagery out.

I noticed many half-Asian kids in the Immigration line with their parents. Felt like a real-life Benetton ad—we are not alone!

Jet Lag: Omnipresent concern. Tried to modify our sleeping hours but alas first day plagued by nod-outs, slurred speech (without the benefit of alcohol) and odd behavior. (Kids were fine, though.) Initial few hours together spent doing the work-ups to transition Nanna and Grampa from Skype People to real flesh-and-blood sentient humans who provide lots of food, love, attention and toys.

Work-related: I felt compelled to connect with work email--responsibility trumps common sense. Picked up Infiniti JX. This super-CUV thoroughly trumped the driving experience provided by Dad’s very good Chevy Impala. Rising Daughters enjoy the sunroof options. Thus ended days one and two.

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