February 25, 2014

10 reasons why I don’t give a s**t about the Sochi Olympics

by M.

1. Way too much mixing of sports and politics. Rink Rivalry? Cool Runnings? Incessant media clichés about national stereotypes test my patience...and I am still not forming complete sentences.

2. Ditto on mixing sports and sexual preference.

3. I’m not quite sure what “Olympics” means…bobsled dudes? Science and skill of curling? Wazzat?

4. My older sister likes watching it on TV…therefore I hate it.

5. Russian rock n’ roll: enough already about Pussy Riot.

6. Never trust a commie, even ex-commies. Greater transparency blah blah blah.

7. I can’t reconcile the paradox of the Russian economy emblematic in Sochi: corruption and cronyism, yet it works!

8. I’m in a bad mood generally. We got the most snow in four decades this month in Yokohama and I am getting cabin fever. Snow always falls on the weekends!

9. “Until I see some skin from the male figure skaters, I ain’t buyin’ in.”

10. Olympic spirit and the camaraderie of nations? Luge this!

Editor's postscript: in retrospect, Sochi ended with no terrorism, no boycotts and no cheating scandals. So M.'s analysis is unduly harsh :)

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