March 12, 2014


Goodbye friends, we hardly knew ye
We said sayonara to two good friends this week--Ms. Highchair and Mr. Stroller, who assisted the Rising Daughters® through the baby, toddler and preschooler stages of their lives.

These two essential items helped our kids eat safely and experience the outside world. We’re grateful for their faithful service.
No nostalgia here folks, they were damn fine accessories which made our parenting easier. But we must move forward. After the years of hard use by Lady E. and ‘M’, recycling wasn’t an option, so we paid our respects and saw them off into retirement.

Japan stuff
Clooney hawks low-malt beer!

Saw this in a train station causeway in Tokyo. Nice to know my man George and I share the same brand. Yeah, right.

Movie poster of the Wolf of Wall Street and Kick-Ass.

I include this just because I still get a kick out of seeing the Japanese view of things. And I will never tire of the hyphenated, multipurpose word Kick-Ass.

And a bit of love for the Blue Oval

With many friends working for Ford, I forced the daughters to model for the Fiesta launch here in Japan when there was an outreach event at a local mall.


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