January 30, 2010

2009: A Look Back

* One of my favorite songs from the band Rage Against The Machine. Check it out if interested here.

2010 was uncorked four weeks ago and I have been letting last year settle a bit before trying to capture its essence through a photo collage. Last year was a tough year around the globe, but there were signs that things were improving. I’m taking that positive mindset forward to this year. And I can write without irony that any minor troubles  we experienced (mostly retrenchment financially due to the economy) were resoundingly trumped by the cumulative delight provided by Lady E. Well, most of the time. So here goes:

We once again visited the Hiroshima illumination festival that is held on the Peace Boulevard. The holiday lights filled the downtown core with a kaleidoscope of color and holiday spirit from December through early January.

Elena’s first crush. And Daddy’s not worried…yet.

Elena mounted a protest against continued diaper use. Or contemporary art?
(She kicked the diaper habit by May.)

We joined Elena’s new pre-K class at the local zoo. Fantastic weather!

Celebrating the coming summer at the beach in Hamada. In the words of Jimi Hendrix,  “kiss the sky.”

Our first “real” camping trip.

I just really like this picture of us.

A family shot during a party for Andy, Neila and family.

Rage! Don’t wanna go to school.

The school sports festival, where Elena’s class performed “Singing in the Rain.”

We took a weekend trip to Kurashiki. This lovely photo of my two special ladies resulted.

We took our now-annual trip to Setoda-cho in the Seto Inland Sea. What keeps us coming back? The Kousanji Temple and Mirai no Oka (Hill of Hope). They are two little-known gems set against the blue waters. Lady E. enjoyed the view.


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