January 6, 2010

Lady E. Turns Three

I am Elena, Elena-I-am
This is our wee tribute to Green Eggs and Ham

They call me Lady E.,
and today I turned three
I am happy as can be
I ate lots of birthday cake, you see

Would I eat birthday cake in a boat? on a train? in a tree?
Yes, anywhere is fine, and I guarantee
I’ll finish the icing quickly

Could I eat more cake than my mommy or daddy?
I could today ‘cuz they let me

Cake is so good, and since it is free
I can eat it liberally
and it tastes better than rice, peas or abalone

But if eat too much cake, my belly gets achy
and too much sugar will make me antsy
so I can’t sit still long enough to go pee-pee

Still, I am happy to be
the ripe young age of three
three candles so teeny…
more to come in years filled with laughter and glee

Called “E-chan” most of the time, but on my birthday “madame”
three years old today, Elena-I-am.


We wish all our family and friends everywhere happiness and peace in the new year!

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