January 16, 2010

The New Rising Family™

This car sticker, an unusual Japanese English variant of Baby on Board, says it all:

We are ecstatic to announce that Naomi is expecting our second child, due in early May.

Everything is going well: the baby is developing wonderfully and Naomi’s tummy is growing cutely. Since this is the second time around for us, our hypothetical questions and concerns about impending parenthood are fewer. On the other hand, how to adapt to the addition of another little person in our family, logistics and financial issues, and embracing sleep deprivation again are subjects that will provide more navel-gazing fodder for this blog. There may even be some entertaining bits for you, dear Reader.

We do not know if the child will be a boy or girl yet. I initially thought that not knowing the sex of the baby would be fun and old-school, like we did with Lady E. However, we have decided to embrace technology and efficiency, so we’ll probably be made aware of the baby’s sex before he or she is born. Stay tuned.

And, yes, the title of this blog will change. I am considering “Rising Family™.” Any objections out there?

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